Nunley getting minutes at Radford

By Mark Robinson

In the Feb. 26 issue of the Mountain Messenger, Sydney Nunley was featured in an article that described her transition from Greenbrier East basketball to playing the game at the college level, for Radford. Since that article was published, Radford played three more games.

Radford defeated Winthrop, 67-38, with Nunley getting one point, two rebounds, one assist, two blocks, and one steal, in 11 minutes of play. Radford defeated Presbyterian, 42-40, with Nunley playing four minutes, and taking down two rebounds. Next, Radford defeated Campbell, 57-32, with Nunley scoring two points, with five rebounds and three steals, in ten minutes. Sydney Nunley is a freshman. The Big South Tournament begins Friday, Mar. 11.


Sydney Nunley (Mark Robinson photo)
Sydney Nunley (Mark Robinson photo)

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