The Town of Alderson Police Department will be proactively enforcing animal control ordinances in the Town of Alderson effective immediately. Full copies of animal control ordinances are available for review at city hall.

Highlights of these ordinances include:

It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any animal or fowl owned, harbored or maintained to run at large on public property within the Municipal limits.

Any dog within the municipality must have proof of taxes and vaccination status displayed while on a leash and off the property of the owner.

The officers will be impounding animals that are found to be at large and not displaying the proper tags. Pictures of impounded animals will be displayed on the board outside of city hall. After five days, if the animal is not claimed by an owner within five days, they will be turned over to animal control of the county in which they were picked up in.

Fees for impoundment will be imposed as well as citations for violation(s) of the applicable municipal code.

This proactive enforcement is due to numerous public complaints and to enhance public safety within our town. If you need to report an animal violation, please contact city hall at 304-4452916 during normal business hours.