Nobody is above the law


By Peggy Mackenzie

Holding up signs that read “Nobody is above the law,” several members of the West Virginia Women’s March, Greenbrier Valley Chapter, participated in a “Nationwide Day of Action” at Lewisburg’s Green Space, Thursday, April 4, at 5 p.m. They were demanding the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress.

Green Space protesters demanding the release of the Mueller report. Photo credit Peggy Mackenzie

Three hundred plus grassroots organizations gathered in cities “large and small” across the country on Thursday in a coordinated effort to raise public awareness about more critical information in the full, 400-page report at a time when many Americans appear confused about its contents. The coalition’s focus was to force transparency around one of the most politically sensitive documents in modern American history.

“The coalition initiated a plan to protest in anticipation that the Mueller report might not be released to the public at all,” said CiCi McLay, organizer of the local protest action. The signal would be when “something big crossed the red line.” That “something” was Attorney General William Barr’s interferences and failure to meet a Tuesday deadline set by House Democrats to release Mueller’s full Russia report.

“The failure to release the report is driving a wedge deeper between the two parties,” said George Little, “putting democracy at risk.”

“The full extent of the Russian interference needs the light of day,” said Ellen Lorish.

Stand Up America,, Indivisible and Public Citizen are among the groups that orchestrated the “Nationwide Day of Action,” according to a release provided to NBC News.