‘No left hand turn’ test at Rt. 219/60 intersection to begin November 4

The City of Lewisburg, in cooperation with the WV Division of Highways, will conduct a test of prohibiting left hand turns at the Route 219/Route 60 intersection during morning and afternoon rush hours starting Monday, Nov. 4. The test will continue through Friday, Nov. 29. During the test left hand turns in the central intersection at Lewisburg will be prohibited between 7 and 9 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m. Monday-Friday. Signs describing the left hand turn prohibition will be installed on the overhead traffic light yardarms.

“The City of Lewisburg and the Department of Highways recognize the significant congestion in downtown Lewisburg caused by traffic backing up behind vehicles wanting to take a left hand turn during these key rush hour times,” notes Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester. “We have noticed how traffic has moved more smoothly during special events when left hands turns at this intersection have been prohibited, and we wanted to test the option of restricting left hand turns in an effort to improve traffic flow. We appreciate the willingness of the public to test this possible solution, and we encourage feedback on the project,” Manchester adds.

During the November test period, the City asks you to call the Mayor with comments at 304-645-2080.

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