Neighbors Loving Neighbors helping to rebuild homes for flood victims

The Greenbrier’s Neighbors Loving Neighbors campaign is bringing multiple agencies together to help rebuild homes that were destroyed as a result of the devastating floods in West Virginia.
From its beginnings prior to the flood, the mission of the Neighbors Loving Neighbors program has been to help those in need throughout the Mountain State – originally with a canned food drive in conjunction with The Greenbrier Classic. After the flood waters destroyed homes and businesses in The Greenbrier’s back yard, Neighbors Loving Neighbors transformed into an organization of assistance, serving as a collection center and point of distribution for the items necessary to help flood victims deal with their losses.
As recovery continues, Neighbors Loving Neighbors is making its next evolution by ensuring that the generous donations that have been received by neighbors all across the country go directly to help those whose lives have been destroyed by the recent disaster.
Neighbors Loving Neighbors is helping families to rebuild by bringing together partners from across the state and country to provide private resources to assist those who have had their homes destroyed or damaged.
Under the new initiative, resources from private organizations will be put into an account specifically for home rebuilding or refurbishing. The Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters – a nonprofit organization that regularly works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the American Red Cross and charitable organizations to facilitate recovery efforts in the wake of a disaster – will then identify individuals who have received FEMA funding or other aid who can benefit from being “adopted” by a support donor to rebuild their homes.
VOAD will provide case managers for those impacted by the devastating flood through a program supported by the State of West Virginia and FEMA and managed initially with support from the American Red Cross. VOAD, through its case management program, will work through the process of matching eligible families with those who will “adopt” families with support, ensuring that private donations go directly to West Virginians impacted by the flooding.
West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has directed the state of West Virginia to initiate a demolition program that will assist in expediting the process to rebuild homes to code and flood plain standards where possible. He also believes programs like the Neighbors Loving Neighbors initiative will assist in West Virginia’s recovery and long term revitalization of hard hit communities.
Other area business have pledged their support in providing the services needed to make these rebuilt homes a reality.
“We have to get these people who lost so much back on their feet,” said Jim Justice, owner and CEO, The Greenbrier. “There are a lot of programs out there to help, and so many people have generously donated money to aid these victims. The key, though, is getting everybody on the same page. This initiative should help coordinate the efforts and ensure that those who need help the most receive it.”
The project will start with homes in Greenbrier County, one of the hardest-hit areas in the state. The same template, however, will be used to reach impacted citizens throughout the state in the coming months.
“The flood waters produced devastation all across our home state, and the families in all of those locations are our West Virginia neighbors,” said Justice. “We want to help as many of these people as we can.”
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