National Dislocated Worker Grant Fund announced

Human Resource Development Foundation, Inc. (HRDF), located in Morgantown, has received notification that it has been awarded $3,374,084.00 in National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG) funds from WorkForce West Virginia and the United States Department of Labor for disaster relief and cleanup activities in 18 counties, including Greenbrier, across the state.
The grant will provide employment opportunities for approximately 250 dislocated workers and/or long-term unemployed individuals, certified as eligible through their local WorkForce WV offices, who will assist their communities with vital recovery efforts. Participants will receive from $11-$14 per hour, depending on the position. Each participant will receive safety training, including Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification. In addition to receiving valuable work experience, job search assistance will be provided through HRDF and the local Regional WorkForce Development Boards (WDB).
The recent flooding, which occurred from June 22 – June 25, overran and devastated many of the streams in West Virginia. This caused major debris to be washed into various places along its rivers and streams. Efforts coordinated by each county’s respective Homeland Security Emergency Management System, FEMA, and municipal governments brought immediate relief to the flood damaged areas. With the assistance of the National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers, the major stream obstructions and issues that posed immediate threat, were dealt with successfully.
Despite efforts, large amounts of debris and trash still litter many streams and parks affected by the flooding. This debris is not only hazardous to the health of the streams; but, poses the risk that future storms will result in more destruction of property. This debris also needs to be properly disposed of. HRDF hopes to assist the 18 counties by helping to lower the risk of this type of problem occurring again; and, by increasing the overall health and beauty of the public lands.
HRDF is in current need of office space within the specified counties, recruitment of crew workers in each area, and requires several more passenger van vehicles to transport the crews. Please contact HRDF’s Taylor Runner pertaining to these needs, at 304-296-8223 Ext. 28 or toll free at 1-800-585-2347.


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