MVP open to citizens’ needs


Dear Editor:

It’s apparent to me after reading recent letters in the Mountain Messenger that the authors of those letters are making uninformed assumptions about The Majority Voice Party that just aren’t true. The party name was not “clearly derived” from the Moral Majority lobbying group, it comes from the party’s desire to be a truly representative government and voice for the majority of the people of Lewisburg. The MVP Party was not formed to try and repeal Ordinance 254, as the Citizens Party would like people to believe. Last year during the six hour open hearing prior to the passing of the ordinance it was quite obvious that there were many more present opposed to it than were for it. Yet after all had their say, the members of the city council did not adjourn to discuss it further, they simply took out their prepared closing statements and read them, proving that their minds were made up ahead of time and were not interested in what anyone had to say. It was all a show.

During the recent Q & A at The Greenbrier Valley Theater, the candidates on both sides basically agreed on just about everything as far as what the priorities are for moving Lewisburg into the future, and that’s great! Disagreement came when they were asked if they could be counted on to not repeal Ordinance 254. All three candidates for the Citizens Party said they could be counted on and all three for The Majority Voice Party said they could not. Again, the Citizens Party had their minds made up, while the MVP Party candidates left it open to what the people want, either way. In my opinion The Majority Voice Party candidates all have hearts for service to the community and do not feel they personally know what is best for the citizens of Lewisburg. This quality is not something that can be learned and is just as important as experience, which will come with time on the job.

It is wonderful that our town can be seen as a beacon for the state and we all want to see local business and tourism thrive. But the residents, regardless of whether we have lived here all our lives or have moved here recently, are the ones whose voices matter most.

As Christians I (and others) believe and hopefully do practice loving kindness to all people and are not judgmental. But the Bible clearly states what is sinful, and it is sin that we pray, and speak, and work against; not the individual.

Alex Brand