Montwell Park receives funding support from city of Lewisburg

Montwell Park, as the Fort Savannah property is now called, received significant financial support from the Lewisburg City Council last Tuesday upon the approval of $165,000 allocated from the council’s Rainy Day Fund. The funds will go towards the demolition of the two condemned motel structures and stormwater remediation.

Asked to partner with new owners, Greenbrier Valley Restoration, Inc., in helping to fund the transition of the property to become an asset to the City, Mayor John Manchester said, “The City is grateful to the new owners for stepping forward. We all recognized the property needed attention. I respect and applaud their initiative.” The City would have had to remove those buildings, Manchester said.

Joe Lovett said Greenbrier Valley Restoration, Inc. has filed for a 501(c)3 nonprofit status and is in compliance as a recipient for the Rainy Day funds from the City of Lewisburg.

In other business:

• Three Lewisburg police deputies received promotion badges in a brief ceremony at the Paul R. Cooley Council Chambers. Police Chief Tim Stover stated “It is always an honor and a pleasure to promote deputies in the department.” Promoted to Sergeant were Deputies Jeff Vance and David Eggleston. Deputy John Hughes was promoted to Corporeal. Stover said all three qualified for their upgrades by their strong work ethic and dedication to the force.

• Lewisburg Farmers Market manager, Emily Landseidel, reported an increase in produce sales from 2012 to 2013, increasing from a total of $5,695 in 2012 to $11,795 for the entire season in 2013. Vendor numbers have also gone up from 38 in 2012 to 55 in 2013, with an average increase in individual vendor sales of 143 percent.

• The deadline to update the Lewisburg Comprehensive Plan is June 2014. Mayor Manchester said the City has contracted with the West Virginia Law School to have students attend sessions with the Planning Commission to review the process to update the existing plan. Their first visit to town will include a walk through Lewisburg on Sept. 30. The mayor said the city will generate notices and conduct public hearings for all concerned citizens who wish to have a hand in determining and designing what the city should look like.

• Mayor Manchester recommended two new appointees to the Board of Zoning Appeals; replacing Board members Lucie Refsland and Jacqueline Bennett are Tia Bouman and Darrell Hughes.

• Council approved $100,000 contribution from the City’s Rainy Day Fund to go to the Fire Station Construction Fund.

• On Saturday, Sept. 28 the Shriners Parade will march down Washington Street at 4:30 p.m.

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