Missed the point  

Dear Editor:

The two gentlemen who responded to Ellen Lorish’s plea for town hall meetings with Senator Capito and Representative Jenkins totally missed the point. It doesn’t matter if we know all the facts about their Republican dinner or what words Ms. Lorish uses in her request.

I don’t know her, but I know what matters is that Capito and Jenkins have been avoiding the people of our area by refusing to hold town hall meetings. Planned dinners, public viewings and invitation only events don’t allow West Virginians time to talk with and listen to their representatives.

I went to Senator Manchin‘s Hinton town hall and there was no yelling or fighting. There was lots of talking, sharing and listening. Capito and Jenkins should not be concerned about meeting face to face with their own people if they are sincere in representing us in Washington.

Are we all insignificant until the next election? What else can we think if they won’t meet with us in person?

Nan Issenberg

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