By Brian Miluk, GEHS Wrestling Coach

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Greenbrier East Wrestling Team did a lot of work over the holidays. Congratulations to Jasiel Kinder for winning his 100th Wrestling Match. He is the youngest Wrestler in Greenbrier East history to be a member of the “Century Club.” As a Team we went to Grundy, VA, to compete in the once nationally acclaimed Aggie Skeens Tournament. We took 10 starters and 8 of them placed with Jasiel Kinder and Logan Evans reaching the finals. The other place winners were Levi Hobbs (3rd), Josiah Solak (3rd), Jacob Hefner (4th), Evan Roberts (5th), Jacob Thomas (7th) and Garrett Byers (7th). The Team finished in 4th Place out of 21 Teams. We also travelled to Alleghany, VA, for the “Alleghany Duals” Tournament. We won our first four Dual meets and then lost in the Finals to Alleghany by one match. OUCH! As you can see, Greenbrier East Wrestling is getting some great recognition with their success. Garrett Byers, Jasiel Kinder, Josiah Solak and Evan Roberts were all undefeated and “Alleghany Duals” Champions! We are very proud of the effort and class displayed by ALL of our Wrestlers. It’s been FUN!

Our Team is so blessed to have the loyalty and support of so many Great people. I am a firm believer that Greatness is all around us. Speaking of loyalty and support, our Wrestlers are PROUD to wear the “JB” shirts this season in honor of Jerry Bradley. If our Wrestlers fight half as hard as Jerry Bradley did, they will all be CHAMPIONS on and off the mat.

TRIVIA: Jasiel Kinder recently recorded his 100th victory. Can you tell me which current Wrestler is on pace to graduate with 100 Pins?

Upcoming events and highlights:

This past Thursday we wrestled Woodrow Wilson for the “Coal Country Challenge” Trophy. It is a tradition between the two schools. Coach “Street” does a great job with his program and we have established a nice rivalry. Hopefully, next weeks article can have some highlights. We are currently competing in the National Guard Duals Championships on Friday and Saturday (1-9/10). There are 36 teams from 5 different states. A real test of toughness!

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EGMS UPDATE: The 2X defending Greenbrier County Champions are excited to bring home another Championship soon.

MILUK HUMOR: I’m so proud of both of my daughters who ran the Los Angeles Marathon last week. I asked them why would you run 26.2 miles? Marissa said, “Because 26.3 would be Crazy!” (Ha!)

TRIVIA ANSWER: The current Wrestler on pace to get 100 Pins for his career is Josiah Solak. WOW! People don’t realize how impressive that is with our schedule.