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I want to thank, and I mean really THANK all the people who helped make our Wrestling Banquet such a huge success. The West Virginia University Building was a great place for our close to 100 attendees. It was a lot of fun celebrating the success of our Wrestling program that evening. We had MANY school record-breaking events this past year. All 13 of our Regional place-winners were honored along with the 10 State Qualifiers and the 2 All-State Wrestlers.

State Runner-up Jasiel Kinder won the “Most Outstanding Wrestler” award. Jasiel shared the award of “Most Valuable Wrestler” with Logan Evans, who placed 6th in the State, and scored the most team points in one season ever for Greenbrier East High School.

Jacob Hefner won the Wade Schalles Award for most pins. Levi Hobbs, Logan Evans, Jasiel Kinder and Sheldon Simmons were all recipients of the Captain’s Award for their leadership.

Seniors Josh Amos, Brent Miller, Jasiel Kinder and Sheldon Simmons received the Senior Awards as we realized how much we will miss their daily presence.

The Class Award went to Ethan Asbury. Jacob Smith won the “Rookie of the year” award, while State qualifiers Cameron Zobrist, Aaron Davis, Leslie Campbell and Jacob Thomas went home with “Courage to Succeed” awards.

There were other awards given throughout the evening, however, I had a lot of pride in reading off the 19 names of wrestlers and support staff members who qualified as All-State Academic Team members. (Another school record.) Bottom line is that we had great people sharing their time to pay tribute to the Best Wrestling Team in Greenbrier East High School history. It was Fun!

TRIVIA: Speaking of record-breaking seasons. Can you name the wrestler who broke the school record for most wins in a single season? Can you name the wrestler who has the school record with the most wins in a career?

Upcoming events and highlights

The Greenbrier East Wrestling team will have 10 wrestlers competing this Saturday in Poca, WV, as a qualifier for a National Tournament. I am so proud of all of them.

E.G.M.S. UPDATE: Good Luck goes out to all the E.G.M.S. Wrestlers who will be competing at the Jr. State Championships this weekend.

MILUK HUMOR: I don’t want to say that my brother Timmy has put on a lot of weight, but we took his picture at Christmas and it’s still printing. Ha!

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TRIVIA ANSWER: The wrestler who broke the record for most wins in a single season was Logan Evans with 46 victories this year. Jasiel Kinder shattered the career record as he finished his career at Greenbrier East with 146 wins. WOW!

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