Miluk’s Mat’ters

Before we start to highlight the success of the Greenbrier East Wrestling Team at the Coalfield Conference Invitational Tournament, we MUST first send out a “Big Thank You” to all the people who made this Great event possible. THANK YOU to all the parents, volunteers, Mat Managers, fans, alumni, etc. who made it one of the best organized tournaments in the State of West Virginia. A special tip of the hat goes to Bryan Bush (Tournament Director), Jim Rohan (Announcer) and Ron Magruder (Principal Sponsor and Event Organizer). They worked non-stop selflessly for the benefit of all the teams, coaches and wrestlers. We are truly blessed. There is true Greatness all around us.

Now for some wrestling updates. Independence High School won the overall Championship with a record of 256 points and nine Champions. WOW! Greenbrier East won the AAA Team Championship and Greenbrier West won the single A Team Championship. Congratulations to all 15 teams who participated.

The nine place-winners for Greenbrier East were: Jasiel Kinder (2nd), Logan Evans (2nd), Jacob Hefner (2nd), Levi Hobbs (3rd), Jacob Thomas (3rd), Leslie Campbell (3rd), Ethan Asbury (2nd), Aaron Davis (2nd) and Sheldon Simmons (4th). It is the highest finish ever at the Coalfield Conference Tournament for the Greenbrier East Wrestling Team. I am so proud that we continue to go in the right direction.

TRIVIA: Can you name the wrestlers who lead the team in Takedowns and Pins?

Upcoming events and highlights

The Greenbrier East Wrestling team will be traveling to Beckley for the Regional Championships on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. Be there to help cheer our Spartans on to the State Championship.

See Coach Miluk or one of our current Wrestlers about our “Adopt a Wrestler” program. It’s a Great way to support our team and follow the success of our Wrestlers.

E.G.M.S. UPDATE: The Eastern Greenbrier Wrestlers will be training for the Jr. State Championships in March. It is not a coincidence that the wrestlers that are successful there are also successful at the High School State Championships later.

MILUK HUMOR: I’m not saying that my brother, Timmy, is a bad cook, but he’s got vending machines in his kitchen. (Ha!)

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TRIVIA ANSWER: The Greenbrier East Wrestler who leads the team in takedowns is Jasiel Kinder with 75 takedowns. Jacob Hefner leads the team in pins with 25 of his 37 wins ending in a pin.


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