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Wrestling is a Great sport! One athlete competing against another athlete at the same weight class. (Mano a Mano). Some people call it a human Chess Match and the ultimate challenge. Well, being a big sports fan, people often ask me the question “What is your favorite sport?” My response has been consistent lately. I love PLAYING Baseball. I love WATCHING Football and Basketball. However, there is nothing better than COMPETING in Wrestling. And that’s why I think I coach Wrestling. It teaches a person how to COMPETE on the mat and in life! Now you see why our motto is Не Выйти!
TRIVIA: Last season The Ohio State Football Team and The Ohio State Wrestling Team won National Championships. Can you name the college that beat them in football AND wrestling during the season?
Upcoming events and highlights
Next Friday, we will be getting our first chance to COMPETE. We are in the James Eades Tournament at Point Pleasant High School on Dec. 11th and 12th. There will be 19 different schools from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia at the tournament. There will be at least 8 teams that placed in the top 10 in the State last year. It should be a Great test. We will be ready!
This year we are fired up about our new addition to the Wrestling Program. We have 12 Mat Managers that will be a big part of our Wrestling support staff. The excitement that they will generate throughout the school and the community will be greatly appreciated by our student-athletes. Thank you to Cindy Solak for making this a reality. They/We already have some new events that will be implemented this year and we know that you will enjoy them.
See Coach Miluk or one of our current Wrestlers about our ‘Adopt a Wrestler’ program. It’s a Great way to support our team and follow the success of our Wrestlers and team.
E.G.M.S. UPDATE: This could be the best E.G.M.S wrestling team in a long time. We have had great individuals in the past, but as a team, they are having fun and working hard. YES!! Hard work and Fun often appear in the same sentence.
Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club is also accepting memberships for anyone interested in wrestling (age 4-12). Contact Laurie Fisher at 1-304-661-2211.
MILUK HUMOR: I am not saying that I am old, but last Christmas my wife bought me some jewelry … it was a ‘Life-Alert’ bracelet. (Ouch!)
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TRIVIA ANSWER: The College that beat Ohio State in football AND wrestling last year was Virginia Tech. Our whole team had the opportunity to watch that wrestling match last year and also meet the legendary Dan Gable.

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