Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – March 31, 2018


Our Greenbrier East Wrestling family banquet was a huge success! Thank you to all the people that put in the effort to make it so special.

It was a fun night to sit back and reminisce about the successful season and to give thanks for the opportunity to be associated with such great people. It was fun to honor and recognize all the wrestlers from the GREATEST WRESTLING TEAM in Greenbrier East High School history. Each of the following wrestlers played a role in our success. If you see them, PLEASE, congratulate them for making our community proud. (You would be surprised how a small gesture of kindness can influence the direction of our youth.) Drew Bashlor, Leslie Campbell, Aaron Davis, Austin Dilly, Jacob Hefner, Levi Hobbs, Jacob Scott, Jacob Thomas, Cameron Zobrist, Cayden Hoover, Max Howard, Bruce Humphreys, Kadee Napier, Waymon Browning, Cody Chapman, Liam Leaseburge, Zach Mullins, Owen Quinn, Branson Sharp, Nick Thomas, Robin White, Alex Zimmerman, Levi Fisher, Landen Hoover, Colby Piner and Chase Zobrist are proud to be part of the Greenbrier East wrestling family. I will submit a list of our award winners and fast facts about the season at a later time.

Trivia: The Greenbrier Wrestling team had 12 Wrestlers (out of 14 weight classes) win matches at the State Championship. Only one team tied us for having 12 wrestlers win matches at the State Tournament. Who was that team?

Upcoming events and highlights: There is a Wrestling Clinic at the Greenbrier East wrestling facility on Monday, Apr. 2 at 9 a.m. Olympian and VA Tech Assistant Coach Jared Frayer will teach technique along with Multi-National Champion Braxton Amos. Two great people helping others improve.

E.G.M.S. update: Open mats will be starting soon. Also, the GVB Wrestling Club is a great opportunity to become better. See Coach Miluk about both opportunities. Get involved!

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club: The Youth Club invited me to their awards ceremony and it is obvious on why they were so successful. These coaches and parents really care about their children. It is truly a labor of love.

Thank you to all the loyal fans who helped with our “Adopt a Wrestler” program. It helped so many of our wrestlers. Thanks!

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Miluk humor: It finally happened! My wife left me. She told me that she could not handle my OCD anymore. I told her to close the door five times on her way out. Ha!

Trivia answer: The team that also had 12 wrestlers win matches at the WV State Championships was the 4x defending Champions and Top 25 Nationally ranked team in the Country, Parkersburg South. (I would say that we (they) are in pretty good company)  Ha!