Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – February 10, 2018


It’s time for the REGIONALS!

This Saturday at 10 a.m. we will be going to Beckley to defend our Regional Championship title. We are EXCITED! So many times, people talk about the “Fear of Failure,” well this week the coaches talked about the “Fear of Success.” Yes, that’s right, “The Fear of Success.” Not everyone can handle success! With success comes expectations, responsibility, pressure, and even harder challenges. After a great week of practice, this team is ready to succeed! This past weekend we finished in second place at the Coalfield Conference Tournament behind 4x defending State Champions, Independence High School, and just ahead of Greenbrier West. They say that they judge you by the company that you keep. In that case, we are in great company with Independence and Greenbrier West (two great programs). It was a fun tournament and a great way to prepare for the Regionals. As a team, we have won six Championships this year and over 30 Duals. We are going in the right direction. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us. We appreciate your loyalty and kindness. Go Spartans!

Trivia: This Saturday is the Regional Championship. Can you name the first Regional Champion in Greenbrier East Wrestling history?

Upcoming events and highlights: Saturday, February 10, Regional Championships at Woodrow Wilson High School will start at 10 a.m. State Championships in Huntington are from February 22-24. Our top leaders for the season with most wins are Levi Hobbs (38), Jacob Hefner (37), Jacob Thomas (34), Landen Hoover (34), Cayden Hoover (31), Leslie Campbell (31) and Aaron Davis (30).

E.G.M.S. update: The E.G.M.S. Wrestlers finish up their season this week.

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club:  This Wrestling Club sent 24 wrestlers to the Southern Coalfield Conference tournament and all of them qualified for the Conference Championships. WOW! Oh by the way, they had nine Champions. Great job wrestlers, parents and coaches.

See Coach Miluk or one of our current Wrestlers about our ‘Adopt a Wrestler’ program. It’s a Great way to support our team and follow the success of our Wrestlers. Follow us on Twitter @CoachMiluk and Facebook at Greenbrier East Spartan Wrestling.

Miluk humor: My wife, who is a wonderful cook, wanted me to start cooking more often. So she asked me to go out and get anything that would help me in the kitchen. So, when she came home and saw the vending machines in the kitchen, she was NOT Happy. On a good note, I have lost four pounds this week. Ha!

Trivia answer: The wrestler who won the first Regional Championship for Greenbrier East was Ronnie Eggleston in 1969. Last year we had four Regional Champions in Cayden Hoover, Andre Escobedo, Jacob Hefner and Jacob Thomas.

Greenbrier East Wrestler of the Week:

Name: Jacob Scott

Grade: Senior

G.P.A.: 3.50

Parents: Mary Houk

Highlight: Coalfield Conference Place-winner

Quote: “Never fear the ‘Japanese Whizzer!”

Coach’s Comment: “Gurt (nickname) is a fun person to be around. His personality alone helps him succeed.  He will forever be remember in Coalfield Conference history as the “Man with the Japaneze Whizzer!”