Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters: December 1st, 2018

Wrestling season has begun!

It’s an exciting time for all the Greenbrier East wrestlers, the coaches, and the community. It’s fun coming off a record-breaking season and back to back Regional Championships. However, along with success comes responsibility. Our wrestlers understand that championships are not given; they are earned. And it’s their responsibility to work hard and continue to represent Greenbrier County with pride and class. Please follow along this wrestling season as we create opportunities for greatness for our wrestlers. We are ready!

Trivia: What is the motto for this year’s Greenbrier East Wrestling Team?

Upcoming events and highlights: CONGRATULATIONS to the Greenbrier East Football team for making the playoffs for the second time in four years. Great job coaches and players! I have been blessed to know and talk with many college coaches, Olympians and professional football players. The consistent theme with them is that wrestling helps a football player. I have many letters, articles and documents from these successful professionals. Heck, I got a personal letter from “Doc” Holliday. Help your child become a better overall athlete and teach them “How to Compete” and the success will follow.

We have six returning wrestlers who qualified for the State Championships last year. They will return as our leaders this year. I will start to introduce them and the whole Greenbrier East Wrestling team as I give a more in-depth analysis of our season in the next few articles.

Our first HOME wrestling meet (The Greenbrier Duals) will be on Saturday, Dec. 15, starting at 11 a.m. Please come out and show support for our team.  Our Varsity “Green” team will wrestle at the Raider Rumble at Liberty Raleigh this Saturday, Dec. 1. Wrestling begins at 9:30 a.m.

E.G.M.S. update: Wow! What a great bunch of middle school wrestlers. The head coach is our own alumni, Joe Heath, he is a two-time State Champion and All-American. Contact Coach Heath at 1-304-641-8364 if you want to be part of a successful program with an even brighter future.

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club is also accepting memberships for anyone interested in wrestling. Last year was one of the most successful Youth programs in the State (age 4-12). Contact Coach Carl Godby at 1-304-667-4615.

See Coach Miluk or one of our current wrestlers about our “Adopt a Wrestler” program. It’s a great way to support our team and follow the success of our wrestlers.

Follow us on Twitter @CoachMiluk and Facebook at Greenbrier East Spartan Wrestling.

Miluk humor: People often ask me… How do you stay married so long with all your activities and being so busy all the time? I tell them that we go out to dinner twice a week… I go on Tuesdays and She goes on Thursdays. (Ha)

Trivia answer: The Greenbrier East Wrestling Team’s motto will be “WEB4ME!” We before me! No one individual is above the team. We win as a team! And the word team means wrestlers, coaches, school administrators, faculty, students, alumni, family and others who are loyal supporters the Greenbrier East Wrestling Program.

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