Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – April 8th, 2017


This will be the last edition of Miluk’s Mat-ters for this wrestling season (OK. Stop the applause, please).

Seriously, I would like to thank all the people who supported and followed us on our successful journey this season. It was great! Regional champions, 13 state qualifiers, nine regional finalists, seven team tournament championships, and all five seniors accepted to college were just some of the highlights. It was fun!

We had our banquet last night with a celebration that honored and paid tribute to all the wrestlers. After all, it was the greatest wrestling season in Greenbrier East history. We are all so proud of them.

The 26 wrestlers that received varsity letters were: Alex Zimmerman, Robin White, Nick Thomas, Branson Sharp, Owen Quinn, Zach Mullins, Liam Leaseburge, Cody Chapman, Wiley Byers, Waymon Browning, Jarrett Bennett, Cayden Hoover, Bruce Humphreys, Zach Barnett, Cameron Zobrist, Jacob Thomas, Levi Hobbs, Jacob Hefner, Aaron Davis, Leslie Campbell, Hannah Beverly, Logan Evans, Andre Escobedo, Zach Enox, Cheyenne Banton and Ethan Asbury.

Some of our top award winners were: Most Takedowns: Levi Hobbs (96), Most Pins: Jacob Hefner (28) and Most Wins: Logan Evans (42). Our Captain’s Award went to Jacob Thomas, Levi Hobbs, Jacob Hefner, Ethan Asbury and Logan Evans. The Courage to Succeed Award went to Waymon Browning, Zach Enox and Cody Chapman. Leslie Campbell and Logan Evans won the Most Outstanding Wrestler Award by both placing sixth in the state. The Sammie Henson Consistency Wins Award went to Leslie Campbell and Jacob Thomas. Andre Escobedo won the “Class” Award.

The night was filled with fun, laughter, tremendous people and great stories. As we often say, “You can’t have great memories without great moments.” Well, this past season, we created a lot of great moments. So, let the memories begin. Again, thank you to everyone for your support and loyalty.

TRIVIA: We had two wrestlers win the Rookie of the Year Award this season. Can you name them? (Hint: One was not a freshman.)

Upcoming events and highlights: We plan on hosting a Youth Wrestling ‘Camp of Champions’ on Saturday, June 3. Look for more information to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: Our annual Team Wrestling Camp will be June 25-29. It will be the attack-style wrestling camp with national champion Daryl Weber in Christiansburg, VA.

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club: Very proud of the job that Coach Dr. Fisher and Coach Godby did this season.

Follow us on Twitter @CoachMiluk and Facebook at Greenbrier East Spartan Wrestling.

MILUK HUMOR: My wife wants me to join a Bridge Club… She says that I jump next Tuesday. OUCH! My daughter took her driver’s test the other day, she got 8 out of 10. The other 2 guys jumped clear. Ha!

TRIVIA ANSWER: The two wrestlers to win the Rookie of the Year Award were freshman Zach Mullins and senior Andre Escobedo. Both were first-year wrestlers for the Greenbrier East Spartans. Zach was a Greenbrier duals champion and a state qualifier. Andre was a regional champion and a state qualifier.

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