Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – April 6, 2019

We had our Wrestling Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the State Fairgrounds this past Tuesday.

It was an evening of fun and appreciation for the wrestling family. We enjoyed the night with laughter and stories  as we celebrated our successful season. Here are some of the awards that were presented.


Cayden Hoover, Zach Mullins, Colby Piner, Owen Quinn

Senior Awards: Cayden Hoover, Bruce Humphreys, Kadee Napier

Four Year Award: Cayden Hoover, Bruce Humphreys

Champions Club: Cayden Hoover, Landen Hoover, Steven Martinez, Zach Mullins

Regional Duals TEAM Rookie of the Year Award: Robert Blevins

Most Pins: Zach Mullins (26), Nick Thomas (26)

Most Takedowns: Alex Zimmerman (92)

Most Wins: Zach Mullins (49)

Most Technical Falls: Robert Blevins (2), Zach Mullins (2), Owen Quinn (2)

State Qualifiers: Steven Martinez, Waymon Browning, Landen Hoover, Zach Mullins, Cayden Hoover, Robert Blevins, Alex Zimmerman, Owen Quinn, Nick Thomas, Branson Sharp

State Place-Winners: Zach Mullins (4th Place)

Century Club Award: Cayden Hoover (129 Career Wins), Zach Mullins (118 Career Wins)

Class Award: Bruce Humphreys

Courage Award: Alex Zimmerman

Courage to Succeed Award: Taylor Baldwin, Chase Zobrist, Sam Overholtzer, Robin White

Most Outstanding: Zach Mullins

Most Valuable: Cayden Hoover

Consistency Counts Award: Bruce Humphreys

Spartan Scholar Award: Robin White

Awards of Appreciation: The Justice Family, Sheryl Hulmes, Dr. Thomas Karrs, Dr. Rodney Fisher

Unending Loyalty Award: Lee-Anne and Tony Hobbs

The Ron Magruder Award: Andy Evans

All-State Academic Team (WVMAT):

3.70 GPA or above: Humphreys, Bruce; wrestler, All State; Perkins, Michael; wrestler, All State; White, Robin; wrestler, All State; Fisher, Levi; wrestler, All State; Fisher, Micah; wrestler, All State

3.00 GPA or above: Chapman, Cody; wrestler, Honor Roll; Ballard, Destiny; wrestler, Honor Roll; Browning, Waymo; wrestler, Honor Roll; Hoover, Cayden; wrestler, Honor Roll; Hoover, Landen, wrestler, Honor Roll; Hylton, Garrison; wrestler, Honor Roll; Leaseburge, Liam; wrestler, Honor Roll; Mullins, Zach; wrestler, Honor Roll; Overholtzer, Sam; wrestler, Honor Roll; Quinn, Owen; wrestler, Honor Roll; Sharp, Branson; wrestler, Honor Roll; Thomas, Nick; wrestler, Honor Roll; Zobrist, Chase; wrestler, Honor Roll

A big thank you to everyone who has followed us throughout the wrestling season. We truly appreciate your Loyalty and Support!

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Miluk humor: The other day my wife said that she wanted peace and quiet while she cooks dinner… so I disconnected the smoke alarm. (She did NOT think that I was funny!) I’ve been eating alone lately!

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