Millennials Beware Socialism = Mass Poverty Hillary = Socialism

Dear Editor:
I have 20 years +or- left in my life. I have been admitted to college based on academic grades and ability to pay. I have 20 years of Commissioned Service in the United States Marine Corps serving two tours in Viet Nam. I have started an Air Conditioning Company from scratch and successfully passed it to the next generation. I have started and closed a Winery being lucky enough to almost break even. I now grow and sell lamb meat and am changing to selling live lamb. With the above experiences, I would like for Millennials to consider the following:
1. Equal under the Law. Hillary can violate State Dept. regulations and US law concerning classified material, and lie under oath to Congress and as a result A) The FBI failed to recommend charges as there was not enough evidence showing intent. B) The Justice Dept. concurred without considering any evidence or recommending a trial. Hillary’s top aides at the State Dept. were all given immunity from prosecution to include not having to testify against anyone about Hillary’s service while Secretary of State or in connection with the Clinton Family Foundation. Will she continue this if elected President of the United States? I believe she will. Think of the power Hillary will have as President over the Justice Dept., the IRS, the FBI, the EPA, the State Dept. and the Dept. of Agriculture, etc. What will your rights be if Hillary doesn’t want them to be?
2. Free education. Hillary is promising free tuition for all in college. Questions: A) What are entrance requirements, High School diploma? B) How many years of college are allowed? 4 for teachers, 5 for engineers, 6 for masters, 7or8or9 years for medical, and how about Masters and Doctorate? What if you flunk out, will you be given a second chance? The fairest way would be one big raffle, but then the children of the big donors and the intelligent would not be guaranteed a seat at the elite universities. C) How do you decide who goes to Harvard, the big donors would again have to be repaid. And what happens to Civil Rights quotas to send Minorities to College. Will all students receive the same grade to prevent envy or despair?
3. Fair Trade versus Free Trade. Hillary was and is an advocate of free trade as has been practiced over the last 3 or 4 decades. Do you realize that every year about $500 Billion of private wealth is exported to US trading partners through our negative trade deficit? This is equal to $5 trillion dollars plus interest every 10 years or $30 Trillion dollars plus interest during the life time of those of you who are 30 years old. How much longer do you think the US can afford this drain of private cash/wealth? Also, the Greenbrier County Board of Education buys ground beef for 11 cents per pound. Your taxes subsidize this beef which is fine if it is for American beef, but no one can tell me where the beef comes from, i.e. is the government paying to import beef that is in competition with American Farmers? The above Trillions of Dollars does not include the $20 Trillion indebtedness of the US Government.
4. Criminal Justice. The Democrat National Committee was preferential in helping to elect Hillary over Bernie Sanders in the primaries to the extent that the Committee Chairwoman was fired, but then went to work for Hillary. Shortly thereafter, 4 men who worked for or were associated with the DNC were murdered. Have you heard anything from the evening news about these murders or even that there were 4 murders? Also consider that the Justice Dept. has effectively taken total control of every police dept. that has had riots over the killing of black men. dept. How much knowledge or opposition does it take to get killed when working for or opposing the DNC. Also, Hillary, if she is President, will be able to appoint 1 to 3 new Supreme Court Justices. Consider the changes to our way of life if Hillary appoints individuals who believe the same as she does. No guns, no borders and open and free immigration. Period.
5. There is an old saying, socialism ends when the leaders run out of other people’s money. Do you want to consider life in the US with a President Hillary who would have the judicial branches at her bidding? I will continue this next week, Editor permitting.
Frank Tuckwiller

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