Megan Capaldo Fick art at Greenbrier County Library

Megan Capaldo Fick has been creating art as long as she can remember. As a child, she started with drawing, then added watercolors and acrylics. In high school, she studied anatomy on her own, to accurately portray the human body. Over the years, she has drawn from fairy tale and folklore, as well as creating characters from her imagination.

In 2006, she lost someone very dear and turned to oils to create a portrait. She is still studying perspective and chiaroscuro. Her favorite of the Masters is Rembrandt. She also loves nature and painting animals from memory.

Megan says: “I feel that anyone can find what resonates and turn it into art.” She is grateful to her family, friends, classes at Carnegie and Greenbrier Artists. She is available at for memorial paintings and illustrations, peronalized designs for business and home.

Her work is in private collections locally and in Martinsburg, Philadelphia, and Florida.

Megan’s art will be on exhibit at the Lewisburg library throughout December.


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