Matt Peltier, Spa City Fire Department, speaks to WSS Rotary Club

Rotarians John Gillespie (left), Matt Peltier and Club President Emory Bowyer. WSS rotary club
Rotarians John Gillespie (left), Matt Peltier and Club President Emory Bowyer

Matt Peltier spoke to the White Sulphur Springs Rotary Club on Thursday, Dec. 12. Rotarians John Gillespie and Club President Emory Bowyer introduced and welcomed Peltier, who is a Lieutenant in the White Sulphur Springs Fire Department.

Peltier reminded all that this is the time of year when house fires are prevalent. Simple precautions are necessary in order to avoid loss of life and property in a fire. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm readiness, using the right size electrical cords and using precautions when operating a space heater and other heating methods, as well as cooking are only a few suggestions given that will save lives. Peltier reminded that cooking, smoking and heating are among the leading causes of home fires. Stay with your cooking and turn unattended stoves off. Smokers should smoke outside and safely dispose of smoking materials. Heating equipment should be inspected. Space heaters should be at least three feet from people and anything that will burn. Turn portable heaters off when you go to bed or when you leave the room. For additional information contact your local Fire Department, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or The West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s office at


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