Matt Detch Congressman we need

Dear Editor:

West Virginia Democrats and all southern West Virginians: We must send Matt Detch to Washington to represent our interests because that is what he will do. Matt has been a public servant. Matt wants to be a public servant. Matt is a public servant. He has only our interests at heart. Not his own interests. Not the interests of the wealthy. He will represent the interests of working people, veterans, children, and the elderly. He will respond to his constituents. He will help his constituents. He will work tirelessly to represent us in the way we deserve to be represented. Honestly, passionately, morally.
Matt is not a politician. He is a smart, capable young man who believes the way we do: That the poor need to be lifted up, that people who want to work should have employment opportunities, that children should be educated well, and that our beautiful mountains and streams need to be protected and preserved for future generations.
Matt Detch is sincere in his desire to represent us. Let’s give him that opportunity. We won’t be sorry. He shares our values and he has the best intentions and his heart is in the right place. Let’s send him to Washington.
On Nov. 8, vote for Matt Detch for Congress.
Kelly K. Kemp

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