‘Mama’s Song’ gives glimpse into turn-of-the-century Appalachia

Author Gayle Jennings takes a trip back in time with her new novel, “Mama’s Song” (published by WestBow Press). She travels back to the 1900s in her home state of West Virginia to examine the ups and downs of a close-knit family of farmers.

The Higginbothams experience a time of great change in turn-of-the-century West Virginia. The world is quickly changing around them, but the Higginbothams only care about one thing: family. Readers will witness the love and sacrifice that keeps this family together in “Mama’s Song.”

“I think we are losing the importance that strong family ties play in the health of society,” Jennings says. “My book deals with this topic and shows how families pull together to meet life’s challenges.”

An excerpt from 

“Mama’s Song”:

“The cold spring rain fell relentlessly, soaking her threadbare coat and chilling her to the bone. She longed for some small measure of comfort, even a ray of sunshine, to lift the oppressive gloom—but it did not come. Her heart felt as cold and hard as the stark white stones surrounding her. A voice interrupted her thoughts, leading her eyes to the stone nearest her. A fresh wave of grief swept through her as the old wound reopened.”
—“Mama’s Song”
by Gayle Jennings

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