In loving memory of those we lost in the flood

The flood waters cannot compare to the tears we

Have cried each day

The flood waters will never wash our memories Away

We all have lost so very much

We all have felt death’s

hurting touch

We have no words to ease

the pain

We only have a hope that we will see our loved Ones again

We cried out to god to hear

our pleas

We cried and we prayed

on bend ed knees

We know in our hearts that god was with us

We know in our hearts it’s god we must trust

Heavenly father please hold us in your loving Arms

Heavenly father continue to keep us from all Harm

Protect those of us left to

carry on

Keep us lord and help us to become strong

Strong to continue as our loved ones would want

Us to do

But most of all lord to stay

close to you

Lead us and guide us through the coming days

Thank you for all who showed us their loving Ways

To help us through these

dark days

Lord, hold us and keep us in your loving care

Until we too can meet our loved ones there

That are now safe in heaven

with you


My love and deepest sympathy,

Beverly White



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