Local woman suffers brain aneurysm

Rebecca Zopp of Rupert, mother of two, was found unconscious by her younger daughter, Hollie Massie, head cheerleader at Greenbrier West High School, when she returned home from school Oct. 30. Rebecca had had a ruptured brain aneurysm. Her daughters, significant others and parents have not left her side since then.

Rebecca is the daughter of Preston Zopp, former principal of Crichton Elementary School, and Vaughnie Zopp, retired teacher of Crichton Elementary School, and sister of William Zopp, teacher at Greenbrier East High School.

Friends and community members are trying to raise money for Becky’s family to help with their expenses through a GoFundMe website. In order to help spread the word, the Mountain Messenger’s website, mountainmessenger.com has a link to Becky’s GoFundMe site. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by the Zopp family.

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