Local leaders endorse Lewisburg Citizens’ Party candidates

Business, community, faith and civic leaders throughout Lewisburg have recently given their public endorsement of the Lewisburg Citizens’ Party candidates currently running for city council. Business owner Sparrow Huffman, Reverend Chris Thompson, Council member Beverly White and longtime Lewisburg resident Larry Davis publicly announced that they will support the Lewisburg Citizen’s Party ticket when heading to the polls on June 13.

Members of the Lewisburg Citizens’ Party include Mark Etten and Heather Blake who are currently running for re-election to City Council, Kim Morgan Dean who is running for her first term on City Council, and Shannon Beatty who is running for re-election as City Recorder, a position she has held more for than 10 years.

“I am proud to be a small business owner in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I’m proud to live in a place where my elected officials share common goals. And I’ll be proud when I cast my vote for the Lewisburg Citizens’ Party, which over the last 10 years has helped my businesses and the town that I love to grow and thrive,” said Sparrow Huffman, co-owner of Stardust Cafe and the General Lewis Inn & Restaurant in Lewisburg.

Since opening Stardust Cafe in 2005, Huffman said, she has watched as Lewisburg’s Citizens’ Party has worked to improve Lewisburg, making it a beautiful, safe people where people want to live, work and visit. And if it wasn’t for the support she receives from City Council, which Lewisburg’s Citizens’ Party has led over the past 10 years, Sparrow said, she and her husband Aaron wouldn’t have purchased the General Lewis Inn & Restaurant in Lewisburg.

“We would not have started a second business in this area if we did not think that the city government was 100 percent behind us,” Sparrow said. “I know that Citizens’ Party representatives, like Heather Blake, Mark Etten, Kim Morgan Dean, and Shannon Beatty are invested in the work I am doing here because they continue to make improvements to our town and create policies to incentivize growth.”

If you ask faith leader and Air Force veteran Reverend Chris Thompson why he and his family moved to Lewisburg, he’ll tell you it wasn’t his choice.

“Lewisburg chose us,” Thompson said. “A major part of this was the inclusive nature and transparency of the community. That’s a direct result of how Lewisburg is governed. I want that to continue! And it will with the excellent candidates who have offered themselves on the Citizens’ Party.”

Larry Davis has been a longtime member of the Lewisburg community. He moved here in the late ‘70s to take a teaching job at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, shortly after its opening. Since his arrival, Larry has been an active member of the community and avid participant in Lewisburg’s performing arts programs.

“During the forty years that I have lived here, the betterment of Lewisburg as a desirable place to live has come at an ever increasing pace,” Larry Davis said. “This acceleration of livability over recent years has been aided by the band of people on the Lewisburg City Council. I like their ideals and goals, their passion and compassion. I’ll vote my conscience and proclaim ‘Viva The Citizens’ Party!’”

Councilmember Beverly White can list off the many projects and iniatives that the Lewisburg Citizens’ Party have enacted over the last 10 years to make Lewisburg a beautiful and welcoming place for people to live in and visit. But she knows there’s so much left to do.

“We do have much work to do and this is the team to make things happen,” White said of Lewisburg’s Citizens’ Party. “We have been blessed with so much success in keeping Lewisburg in such a positive light. Its because of the hard work of our citizens, employees, our volunteers, mayor and council working together that this work gets done.”

The Lewisburg Citizens’ Party has proudly led Lewisburg’s City Council over the last 10 years. By building new sidewalks in downtown, making major park improvements to Dorie Miller & Hollowell Parks, coordinating with local businesses to add fun new events, and developing the Green Space with the popular Play Fountain, Lewisburg Citizens’ Party has worked to develop a clean, attractive city and to create a place that people want to live in and visit.

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