Lifetime of memories up for auction

The memories of a lifetime in a home they built together in 1948 will be sold at an Online Auction.

Lewis Flint, deceased and Kathleen Flint built their home at Clintonville in 1948 and had lived there until just a few months ago. Mr. Flint died 9 1/2 years ago and Mrs. Flint is now living in an assisted living home in Verona.

Lewis Flint worked for the Wahl and Reynolds Oil Companies in Rainelle for many years and was well known for his 1925 Model T Roadster that he drove in parades and car shows all over West Virginia. The Model T was rebuilt by Cecil Drennen of Hines in 1966. It will now be sold by Meadows Auction & Realty at their online auction.

The car had not been started or moved out of the garage for about 10 years. Cecil Drennen and his son, Larry Drennen came by and had the car started and running in just a manner of minutes.

Monroe Meadows, owner of Meadows Auction Company, said it was a thrill to see Cecil Drennen, the man who rebuilt the car many years ago, driving it around the field.

The Model T and a lot of Model T parts Flint had collected over the years will all be sold on the online auction.

The home they built on 2 acres of land, their antiques, collectibles and house at Clintonville will all be sold at the online auction.

Mrs. Flint is very emotional about the Model T, but she said she was very glad to see Cecil Drennen driving it and he was very proud to be doing so as he and Lewis Flint were very dear friends.

You may view the auction at or phone 304-466-3341. You may see the Model T in person at the preview or on youtube.

model T for auction

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