The Lie, Once Again

Dear Editor:
Mr. Zafros, your last letter is most like your earlier letters, tell a lie often enough and people will believe it. A quote from my last letter, “now have a chance to reward the doers and the makers … We now have a chance of: …”
“Reward and chance of” are positive words that solicit positive anticipation. Your lead-in was, “I want to thank Frank Tuckwiller for listing the issues that are of concern to him…” Then you listed every item I listed with your usual lies, negativity, and disinformation.
I will respond to your comments about restrictions on small business with three examples that happened to me in West Virginia. Fortunately I had the education, experience, funding and determination to overcome the West Virginia government’s “NO.” The following are not parroting from Fox News.
1. “No. That has never been done before, therefore it is not authorized.” The federal government not only authorized it but encouraged it to reduce the cost of starting up this business. It took many calls and letters to change this decision to positive and the result is a business with a market for all product produced and a waiting list of potential investors wanting partial ownership.
2. “No. Direction signs are not authorized. Please don’t call again on this matter.” After many calls and a few sightings of the same type sign I wanted, I finally learned how to navigate the West Virginia Dept. of Transportation’s website and found that this sign was specifically authorized by an exception.
Then, I found out one reason why West Virginia government costs so much. To verify that I met the requirement of the exception, a ¾ ton gas-powered pickup truck with two men was dispatched from Charleston to Lewisburg to personally verify the exception, when a car/half-ton pickup with one person could have been dispatched from Lewisburg to accomplish the same assignment. The sign was installed shortly after my last call to the “Manager,” who authorized it after going to the page and paragraph I gave him.
3. I wrote, “We will renew your lease for five years with an 11 percent increase.” Answer from West Virginia government: “That is a ridiculous increase; you have to justify any increase you request.” The background research was undertaken, and when accomplished, the proper increase to comply with instructions was in the neighborhood of 45 percent, and that excluded parking. Explosion, explosion, and a positive response for a face-to-face meeting. The meeting was held and a reasonable rent was negotiated. The research-required data that was complex and time consuming with verification required for each number presented. However, without accurate and verifiable data we would have had to accept less than our original 11 percent offer.
4. Safety is not a restriction but is frequently used by politicians to control large businesses, i.e. coal companies. Ever wonder why most corporate headquarters left West Virginia? Maybe lawyers, taxes, or restrictions?
One comment on your “chance for middle America to receive benefits of free trade.” NAFTA was signed into law on Dec. 8, 1993, by President Bill Clinton. The U.S. House of Representatives in 1993 and 1994 was controlled by the Democrats with 258 members voting, 102 yea and 156 nay. The Republicans with 175 members voting, 132 yea and 43 nay.
The U.S. Senate in 1993 and 1994 was controlled by the Democrats with 57 members voting, 27 yea and 30 nay. The Republicans with 43 members voting, 34 yea and 9 nay. So, when NAFTA was passed by the Senate and House in 1993, the Senate, House, and White House were controlled by the Democrats. President Clinton remarked on signing the bill, “NAFTA means jobs”. He neglected to indicate for our trading partners or for the United States. Once again your statements are grossly inaccurate and you did no research. And also, no Republican in the House or Senate voted for the Affordable Care Act. So, Republicans could not be responsible for this fiasco. Could they?
Frank W. Tuckwiller

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