Lewisburg Remembered: My Brother and Me, A Story of Heartbreak

William Hudnall
William Hudnall

By William R. Hudnall

William R. Hudnall tells of his discovery of a brother he never knew. Sorting through his dad’s belongings, he finds documentation revealing the existence of Gary, a son his father Jesse had out of wedlock. His father was 40, she was 17; their loneliness in a small coal mining town brought them together. William recounts his efforts to find the brother who had remained a secret to the family for 60 years. Their first meeting takes place in Lewisburg, and begins a relationship that helps mend wounds and fill gaps in their memories. Their emotional and story-filled encounter is a prelude to life-changing revelations and events, defining a brotherhood that could only last a year.

William R. Hudnall is the author of Three Confederates from Kanawha County and Kelly’s Creek Chronicles, a Coalminers 70-Year Diary.

Lewisburg Remembered is available in paperback from Kelly’s Creek Publishers, 865 Dorchester Place, #203, Charlottesville, VA 22911.

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