Lewisburg receives special recognition at America in Bloom Symposium

Lewisburg received special recognition for its Landscaped Areas at the Symposium held last month in Philadelphia, PA; Lewisburg received a 4 out of 5 bloom rating for its beautification efforts. American in Bloom (AIB) Judges visited Lewisburg on June 19 and 20.

America in Bloom is an urban renewal program which provides a framework and catalyst for community organizations to work together for visible improvements. It provides an extensive written evaluation detailing recommended improvements and enhancements. The AIB program is designed to bring people together to create meaningful, visible, constructive projects, by combining efforts of residents, businesses and local government. These groups work on common goals in floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, environmental awareness, heritage preservation and community involvement.

Lewisburg used the Montwell Park project as its “Best Idea” in the community profile. Montwell Park, is situated at the northern entrance to downtown Lewisburg where the former Fort Savannah Motel was located. The Park project was featured in the “2014 American in Bloom Best Idea” booklet which was distributed to participating cities at the Symposium. The Park will be developed to include a building for a farmers market, walking trails and a community center featuring healthy activities for youth and adults.

At the Symposium, local amateur photographer, Connie Manchester won the “How does your town measure up against America’s Prettiest” photo contest in the small city population category.

By participating in AIB, Lewisburg received a detailed evaluation which will form the basis of work plans for future beautification projects. Lewisburg in Bloom Coordinator, Shannon Beatty, stated “it is because of efforts of individuals, businesses, community organizations and local government that Lewisburg was able to achieve such important recognition from America in Bloom.” She noted the committee is looking forward to implementing some of the judge’s recommendations, making improvements in town and entering the program again.

“The Lewisburg in Bloom Committee specifically would like to thank John Wilson for donating the registration fee to join the America in Bloom program!” Beatty explained.

To become involved with Lewisburg in Bloom please give Beatty a call at 304-645-2080.


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