Lewisburg House and Garden Club tours local garden


Lewisburg House and Garden Club members were treated to a delicious luncheon on July 26 prepared by hosts Margaret Schleiff and Judy Deegans, including dishes with vegetables grown in her garden.

After relaxing by the water and enjoying the view, 23 ladies wandered throughout the interesting garden of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

One of the guests from Medfield, MD, Jill Vollmuth, was visiting Schleiff as they have been friends since they were in fourth grade.

Members attending the luncheon and tour were: Carol Olson, Mimi deOilloqui-Turner, Jeri B. Via, Sue McKinney, Townley Hamilton, Sharon Holladay, Judy Deegans, Mary Lindquist, Suzanne Cronquist, Suzanne Perilli Hancock, Lynn Weikle, Marit Withrow, Barbara Tuckwiller, Feona Gore, Polley Cunningham, Pat Wingo, Brenda Jones, Joan Montgomery, Mary Jo Thompson, and guests Sondra Hash, Lacie Argabright, Jill Vollmuth, and Margaret Schleiff.

The next club meeting will be a luncheon in Rainelle at Fruits of Labor program on Aug. 23.