Lewisburg Foundation seeks to increase membership

It is difficult to imagine downtown Lewisburg without the beauty of its trees, sculptures, flowers, benches, and fountains. Our town has been recognized as one of the most inviting and picturesque communities in West Virginia. These downtown features and spaces were created and continue to be maintained by the Lewisburg Foundation. It has been the pride and dedication of its founders and members that continue to make this community the showplace it is today. Whether you are a local or a visitor, it’s obvious that a lot of thought, dedication and pride have made a vision a reality.

The Foundation was created in 1980. With the promise of retail businesses at the I-64 exit, the historic downtown experienced many changes. The municipal government and merchants’ associations needed to devise a strategy to keep downtown vibrant. The idea of the Lewisburg Foundation was to create and maintain beautification and cultural opportunities to attract regional tourist and enrich quality of life for residence.

Their work helps the arts as well as retail, dining, and hospitality businesses. Because the Foundation is a nonprofit, the success of their mission depends on its annual membership and donating angels.

Yearly planting, mowing, watering, pruning, fertilizing and mulching expense is $45,000. There are no administrative expenses. The Foundation currently needs to increase the membership from 125 to 250, as doubling the number of members will provide for a sustainable future for this important work.

Please consider becoming a member and part of the effort to support our beautiful community. The rates are as follows: Individual, $50; Family, $80; Business, $100; Friend, $150; Pioneer, $250; Corporate, $500; and Mountaineer, $1,000.


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