Lewisburg City Council

Lewisburg City Council

will meet Tuesday, Mar. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Lewisburg City Hall, 942 Washington Street West. On the agenda:

• Visitors’ reports (10-minute limit per subject not on the agenda)

• Approval of Minutes – Regular Session, Feb. 17, 2015

• Communications from the Mayor

– Law Enforcement Presentation

– Diesel Spill Cost update

• Proclamations

– Shepherd’s Center Volunteer of the Year

• Ordinances

– Ordinance 249 – Rezoning Request, 741 N. Jefferson Street, Tom

and Angela Reynolds (RO to C2) (added 2-13-15), 2nd reading &

public hearing

• Communications from City Council members

• Communications from Boards and Commissions

– Planning Commission Report – No meeting was held

– Parks Commission Report – Report from Mar. 3 meeting

• Communications from Police Department – Report from Chief Stover

• Communications from Fire Department – Report from Chief Pennington

• Communications from Council Committees

– Finance Committee – Report from Mar. 10 meeting

a. Fire Department AFG Thermal Imaging Camera Federal Grant


b. Unaccounted for Water Report

c. Coal Severance Water Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

d. General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

– Public Works Committee – Report from Mar. 10 meeting

– Public Safety Committee – No meeting was held


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