Letter to the Editor: Ordinance 254

Dear Editor:
My Dad taught me to follow the teachings of Jesus, and to respect all human beings. A few of Jesus’ teachings stand out: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge not that you be not judged.” And my lifetime guide, “Be ye kind one to another.”
It seems being non-judgmental and kind might be useful as we approach the upcoming City of Lewisburg election. A number of residents, and apparently non-residents, seem to want to put new Council members into office to repeal City Ordinance 254 due to religious or moral convictions.
Some say this law allows all types of potentially dangerous people into the town’s public bathrooms. I know from my 25 years as a social worker that truly dangerous people won’t stop to read the sign on the door or worry about the law, whether it stands or is repealed.
I wonder how many residents have read “254.” Basically it says that all people who live in Lewisburg, or visit our little city, have equal rights and access to public accommodations such as art galleries, stores, theaters, restaurants, and all the rest, not just bathrooms.
So here’s my question: if the law is repealed, who will stand guard at the door and decide who is “other” and should not be allowed in? Or in the words of Jesus, who will cast the first stone?

Nan Issenberg

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