Letter to the Editor: Open Letter

Open letter

Dear Senators Manchin and Capito and Representative Jenkins:

President Trump’s budget is a recipe for a more dangerous world at home and abroad. How many times does this need to be proven in our recent history before we can realize, ‘War is Not the Answer?’ Not only does this proposal decimate efforts to ensure access to food, medical care, and opportunities for the most vulnerable members of our communities, and make no mistake, West Virginia needs those provisions but, it ensures massive tax cuts for the wealthiest people in our country in order to fund a $54 billion, that’s billion with a ‘B’ increase in Pentagon spending.
When we blindly hand over our country’s resources and our hard earned tax dollars to the Pentagon while starving successful programs that care for our neighbors, the earth, and each other, we have lost sight of our priorities as a country. If this budget is a test of our moral grit, and most budgets are exactly that, then it deserves an “F”.
It deprives our leaders and our country of the necessary tools of statesmanship, leadership, charity and generosity of spirit to avoid conflicts and war.
So, when Congress weighs in, I hope you will reject President Trump’s unconscionable budget; it’s not good for West Virginia and, presents a clear – and alarming – vision of our country’s future.

Sally Cooper

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