Letter to the Editor: Dog owners let dogs run on my land; terrorizing bears  


Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago I drove down the lane to fined two bear-dog trucks blocking access to my mailbox. So I parked, got out and walked over to get the mail. The young man standing there wanted to talk, so I asked if there was any way to know how many packs of dogs there are. He said, “No. Does it bother you?”

Well, before I could get control of my tongue another truck load of dogs arrived. Followed by another.

“It’s looking kind of dense right now,” I said and explained that I don’t like the dogs coming to where I live, and I don’t like thinking about the bears and cubs, and “Yes, it bothers me”

In the last week I have heard dogs four times in the same location on the ridge above my home, very likely treeing the same sow and cub I recently saw. How do those bears get to rest, eat, tend and teach the cubs?! It seems excessive and yeah, that bothers me.

These dogs come in packs up to 12 at a time. They bark and bray for hours, sometimes well into the night. When I can’t have peace and quiet on the deck, and have my sleep disturbed – THAT BOTHERS ME! Those bears are treed for hours, and their ordeal may begin again at dawn the next day when another dog owner decides this is a good place to “train” his dogs.

I do not “train” my dog by allowing him to run on someone else’s land. If my dog barks incessantly my neighbor can call and ask me to make it stop. Who do I call?

I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if there was some method of knowing how many dog packs there are. Also, where are they “trained” and with what frequency. What poor bear just had its ass run off four times in the last week?

We are a cruel and criminal species. Sometimes I just can’t hardly stand it. And yes … that really bothers me.

Debbie Naeter
Friars Hill

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