Letter: Possible funding cut  


Dear Editor:

There is an effort to cut off funding to basically all the Federal programs that support Regional Planning and Development Councils and the many infrastructure projects they facilitate. Regional Councils provide significant services to all counties and municipalities within West Virginia. No water or sewer project would get done if not for the Regional Councils and the federal dollars they leverage. At the moment 640 million dollars of infrastructure projects in West Virginia are being built with the assistance of the State’s eleven regional planning councils.

I would strongly encourage you to contact Senators Manchin and Capito and Congressman Jenkins and ask them to oppose the current move to eliminate the funding sources that are the life blood of the Regional Planning Councils and the projects they administer. Getting rid of the federal support for economic development entities like regional councils and the many millions of dollars they manage is very short sighted and will bring infrastructure projects in our state to a standstill.


John Manchester, Mayor

City of Lewisburg

Chairman, Region 4 Planning and Development Council