Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers:

Every week we put out this newspaper in an old-fashioned attempt to bring you the news. Without the support of our loyal readers and advertisers, we wouldn’t be here, and we thank all of you for your continued support.

The Mountain Media brand supports the Mountain Messenger, our Properties and Lifestyles real estate magazine, and Body, Mind and Spirit special section, along with four other weekly newspapers across the state. In a time where newspapers are said to be dying, we are here every day working hard, guaranteeing complete print and online access and true, in-depth articles about what matters to folks in the Greenbrier Valley.

One of our philosophies in the editorial department is, being a weekly paper, we seldom break the story, but we can give our readers deeper coverage of what’s going on here and across the state. We are your weekend paper – one you sit down with on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and read at your leisure.

Now, we’re bringing you more: our new entertainment calendar is designed to give you a snapshot of next week’s events. Feel free to cut it out and put it on the fridge. We don’t mind. Weekly business and entertainment articles are published to give our readers a peek at the work that goes on behind the scenes of storefronts, nonprofits, concerts and restaurants.

There is a conception about town that the Mountain Messenger subscribes to a particular political party. Not so. Even though the phrase “fair and balanced” has been co-opted by Fox News, that is what we do – present news even when we disagree with it. Our writers Peggy Mackenzie and David Esteppe are passionate environmentalists, but they always insist that all our sources are solid and our stories are fair. That’s our job.

This page, the opinion page, is one I’m most proud of. We love to get letters from the community. All letters go across my desk and are subject to my approval. I don’t vet them according to my personal politics, nor do I allow this page to be a regular sounding board for one individual or another. We want a variety of voices here, not just one that blows loud about one particular agenda. Got an opinion? Send it in! If we publish it, again, feel free to clip it out and hang it next to the entertainment calendar. See? Your fridge is looking better already!

Again, we thank our readers and our advertisers across the Mountain State for allowing us to be your weekend newspaper.

Sarah Mansheim

Managing Editor


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