Letter to Congressman Jenkins

Dear Editor:

The following was sent to Congressman Evan Jenkins:

“After receiving only your newsletters regarding drug abuse in pregnancy and abortion, your representative finally answered my inquiries. He said that you are now ‘monitoring’ the Danny Webb Construction, Inc. (DWC) waste injection wells in Fayette County, reissued permits Aug. 26.

“Unfortunately, ‘monitoring’ sounds like your previous approach to this issue – ‘waiting.’ Monitored for over eight years, these wells have come up wanting. Isn’t it time an elected representative did something?

“I’m wondering if you understand that fetuses are harmed by poisoned water too. The Danny Webb Construction (DWC) frack waste wells have been shown to be contaminating the New River and the water supplies for Lochgelly, Oak Hill and Fayetteville. This waste registers over 3000 pCi/L for radioactivity. Safe drinking water is limited to only 5 and industrial waste, 60. Moreover, according to Senate testimony, frack waste water contains at least 600 chemicals, more than 25% of which are extremely toxic.

“Apparently colluding with the Environmental Quality Board in 2014, the DEP effectively banned scientists from sampling sludge in DWC frack waste settling pits. The same DEP which your inaction is shielding then signed this sludge, concentrated from DWC’s highly radioactive waste, into Raleigh County’s dump as fill. No steps were taken therefore to protect Beckley’s aquifer.

“Despite growing public outrage, this disposal company has disregarded environmental protections since its inception. On Sept. 27, a spill started there that appears to be ongoing. True to form, the DEP tested the fluid but requires a Freedom of Information Act request to view results; a 30-day wait at least.

“Congressman Jenkins, please prevent the DEP from aiding this polluter any further. If you continue to refuse, you should step down.”

To sign a petition for a Fayette County ban on industrial waste discharge, go to mountainpartywv.com.


Barbara Daniels



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