Leaking tank issue solution sought

SONY DSCBy Brenda Boykin

An issue before the Alderson Town Council at the Monday night meeting was a consideration to pursue litigations against Pittsburg Tank for their work on the Flat Mountain water tank. The cost to repair the tank was in excess of $100,000, and yet, the tank was still leaking.

This week, Mayor Travis Copenhaver, Attorney Joe Aucremanne, a representative of Sherwin Williams paints, a master painter with Pittsburg Tank, and others went to inspect the tank. With the group was a diver, whose inspection of the water included a videotape of his observations inside the tank. Several problems were found. The Pittsburg Tank owner has promised to fix the problems at their cost. As a result, council decided to table litigations to give the company the opportunity to make the corrective repairs.

In other business:

Council approved the first reading of an ordinance to amend the town’s business license by adding a $25 business license fee for vendors. If the second reading is passed, the fee will be included to the usual $300 special fee charged to Fourth of July vendors situated on the Memorial Field and areas, adjacent to the field in a one block radius, including Virginia, Cedar, Elmwood, and Chase streets, and at the Mini Park. Additionally, when applicable, the vendors will need food handler’s cards, and a health department inspection.

A budget revision to include a line item of $2,500 to the Alderson Fire Department each month was approved. Council also approved $10,047.91 in invoices for the Senate Bill 245 Waste Water Treatment Project. A resolution authorizing the U.S. Corp of Engineers to act on the behalf of the town of Alderson in relation to the SB245 Waste Water Treatment Project was approved as well. A second resolution gave the mayor permission to oversee and inspect the FEMA emergency generator project at the Alderson Community Center. A third resolution was passed to amend the wording in Chapter 1 of the Municipal Code concerning fleeing following an accident, which will bring the chapter up to the state code.

Causby Parker was presented with the Aldersonian plaque for her work on The Aldersonian website. She spent endless hours documenting Alderson’s history and updating the current developments in the town. Former citizens of Alderson have complimented the website, and people find the “virtual tour” feature amazing. Mrs. Parker thanked her husband, Ward Parker, for his help with the project.

Copenhaver’s request from council to write off citations for the deceased and those others confirmed as otherwise not collectible was approved. The write-offs will reduce the town’s expected revenue income by $3,171.99.

Matthew Peters with Stafford Consultants presented an updated cost estimate regarding the waste water treatment project. Part of the cost increase is due to unforeseen equipment replacements, an increase in engineering fees due to the Army Corp of Engineering coordination, as well as other unexpected costs and requirements. The revised costs estimates were approved by council.

Tom Dameron and Margaret Hambrick reported that work will begin once again on the Depot, which will include roofing, painting, and putting down a drain system around the grounds. Some outside stairs also need replacing. The project will go up for bids in the next few weeks.

The mayor reported that he met with Kimberly Gross from the governor’s office concerning the stream flooding on the Monroe County side of Alderson. Gross thinks that she can assist with clearing out the debris in the stream and with redirecting its flow into the river.

Due to an unaccounted water loss, the meter at the water plant will be tested in the near future. The town is advertising an opening at the waste water treatment plant, and for a full time certified police officer. The sewer camera and sewer flow meters will soon be installed at the plant.


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