Lawrence of Arabia turning out to be ‘The Last Crusade’



Dear Editor:

This nation’s announced “War Against Terror” that began our military campaigns in the Middle East included our promises to introduce economic stability, representative governments for all of their citizens, especially including women whose rights had been so long denied in those various cultures.

Many of our objectives have yet to be accomplished although some progress has been made in equality, as one can see in the scenes of the daily street rioting. In an area where woman must be attired from head to toe with only slits allowing vision whenever she goes outside her home, cannot drive or even be driven by other than her brother or father. Then, should she ever be raped, stoned to death (for her sin) in the market place.

There is some progress as if you look carefully at the demonstrations, you will see that burning the American Flag is still man’s work, but now women are participating by holding the signs boldly proclaiming “DOWN WITH AMERICA.”

Jack Ballard