Kids’ College Newspaper Week II come to Mountain Messenger

Kids’ College: (in alphabetical order) June Booth, Ellie Burns, Gracie Campbell, Bailey Carter, Xavier Elizarraga, Cai Jones, Guy Koenig, Jesse Lewis, Anna Raine Mills, Conley Morgan, Zahara Shuler, Lucy Skelding, and Nathaniel Vincent. Instructor Sarah Hann and Volunteer Assistant Grace Crickenberger are shown at left rear. (Photo by Peggy Mackenzie)

Thirteen children arrived at the Mountain Messenger office for their tutorial on how news stories become items in the paper, both in print and online.

Like the class before them, these kids already knew a lot about what goes into a newspaper: advertising, sports stories, crime reports, recipes, crossword puzzles, and even news stories. The newspaper class has proved to be a hit at Carnegie Hall. As the first year Kids’ College Newspaper was offered, several of these young students were already ready to sign up for the class again next year. Kids’ College is a two-week summer arts and science day camp, held every July at Carnegie Hall. Children in grade Kindergarten through 7th can enroll in up to five different classes a day. Next year’s Kids’ College will be held during the weeks of July 6-10 and July 13-17, 2020.