KEEN’s Live Monumental Campaign heads to Washington, DC


After two months of traveling cross-country advocating for the protection of three million acres of public land and national monuments, the KEEN Live Monumental campaign was in Washington, DC last week to deliver the movement – and petition of signatures – to the Obama Administration.

“The Live Monumental team just completed an incredible 8-week journey across the U.S. where we covered more than 7,000 miles across 25 states, while partnering with nonprofit organizations and connecting with local business, politicians, and individuals to celebrate and advocate for the protection of five very special American landscapes,” said Linda Balfour, KEEN’s brand marketing manager. “We were energized by the overwhelming support of people across the country for the protection of the places we play. Our monumental road trip is coming to the end, but the call to action for the Obama Administration to take action for our precious public lands is just beginning.”

The big, yellow, 1976 KEEN Team RV hit the road in July for activism with two goals in mind: preserving public lands and celebrating the places we play. Live Monumental seeks to create lasting change and raise awareness for public lands and national monuments in the US. It advocates for the protection of public lands and five proposed national monuments – that total roughly half the size of Massachusetts. Traveling from Portland, OR to Washington, DC, KEEN has collected tens-of-thousands of petition signatures along the road trip personally delivered them to the Obama Administration on Sept. 29.

The unmistakable RV made its way down the west coast, across the Rockies, through the Midwest to the east coast and, finally, DC. Along the way, they stopped in towns and cities to meet with local policy makers, retail partners, reps, and the local community to raise awareness and gather signatures.

One of the five areas that KEEN is aiming to designate as a national monument is the Birthplace of Rivers in Pocahontas County. A part of the Allegheny Mountains, the Birthplace of Rivers is truly a haven for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to get closer to Mother Nature. KEEN’s events around West Virginia included monumental parties in Lewisburg and Gauley Fest in Summerville. KEEN felt the love with attendance from hundreds of community members, local policy leaders, and support from local businesses.

The public lands the Live Monumental tour is urging for the protection of are: Mojave Desert, CA; Owyhee Canyonlands, OR; Birthplace of Rivers, WV; Boulder-White Clouds, ID (designated Wilderness on Aug. 4); and Gold Butte, NV.



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