Kayakers take to flooded road for a leisurely Sunday float

Last week, as rain and snow melt combined to create flooding situations across the state, some folks found a way to go with the flow. Last Sunday afternoon, Trout resident Kenna Hintersteiner and his friends took their kayaks to a stretch of Williamsburg Road, locally referred to as Vanishing Lake – because of its tendency to flood – and went for a late-winter float.

People in Trout reported that the water was as deep as 10 feet in the middle of the flooded area. The water was so deep, a driver of a pickup truck got stranded less than a quarter of the way through just one day before the kayakers brought their boats over. No injuries were reported in the pick-up truck incident, and it took several days until the truck could be pulled out of the water. Drivers are often reminded to never drive where water completely covers the road.

Hintersteiner and his companions were able to take a rare float in the roadway thanks to a series of underground caves which fill up with water and flood the roadway and nearby fields several times a year. This time was exceptional, thanks to heavy rain and snowfall over the past several weeks. Story by Sarah Mansheim Photo courtesy of Kenna HintersteinerVanishing Lake 1

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