JWVG exploring career options

Deciding what you want to be whenever you grow up is not an easy decision. As the school year moves to a close, not all graduating seniors have locked into his/her career of choice.
At GEHS, the Jobs for West Virginia’s Graduates (JWVG) Class assists youth in graduating from high school with the end result of finding and keeping quality employment. The JWVG Class teaches students how to complete job applications as well as college applications; how to prepare a resume and cover letter; and teaches job honesty, work ethics, teamwork, job skills and financial planning.
The JWVG Class is under the direction of S. Price Tate. Tate regularly invites guest speakers from the community to come in and give a presentation to the class relating to their business and the job opportunities within that business. These presentations open avenues for career exploration and future career decisions.
Wednesday, Apr. 20, the JWVG Class heard from a representative of Pro Careers, Inc., Judy Carol, RN and case manager. She explained that Pro Careers is a home maker agency which provides assistance to the elderly, the handicapped and disabled. Pro Careers was founded in 1991 by a husband and wife team, Clifford and Carol Smith – the agency has expanded into Tennessee and Virginia – corporate headquarters are based in Charleston – and, the Lewisburg office covers seven counties.
As a home maker agency, Pro Careers provides services to the WV Aged and Disabled WAIVER Program as well as working with Veterans. These programs are home and community based – the goal is to keep people in their home rather than in a nursing home.
Home makers are now referred to as Personal Attendants (PA). Carol spoke in depth relating to the functions of a Personal Attendant: assisting with ADLs, meal prep, laundry, light housekeeping and limited transportation. She discussed the job description and requirements; the application process; the two day orientation and training agenda; and, the qualities and characteristics of the ideal Personal Attendant.
Carol completed the presentation by telling the students that caring about the elderly and disabled is an important trait for all health care workers. The goal is to assist them to be as happy and as independent as possible. She said it is equally as important that a personal attendant believe that no matter how old, how ill, or how disabled a person is, that person still has value as a human being.
In conclusion, Ms. Carol told the class that the health care field is continuing to grow; that there are multiple jobs at various levels in this field and that providing service as a personal attendant is one of the many rewarding and satisfying opportunities available in this field.

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