Justice issues Special Session agenda


Governor wants legislature focused on budget

On Wednesday, Governor Jim Justice issued the official call for tomorrow’s special session. The proclamation from the Governor outlines the four separate bills that will be taken up by the Legislature to fix the budget crisis.

The four bills are the result of bipartisan negotiations. Passing all of the legislation will fully implement the Governor’s road building plan to create 48,000 jobs and spare West Virginians from painful cuts.

Special Session Legislative Summary

Bill no. 1 – Revenue

  • Income tax reduction
  • Military retirement exemption
  • Consumer sales tax
  • Corporate Net Income Tax
  • Wealthy West Virginian Tax
  • Coal Severance Tax Reform
  • Gas Severance Tax Reform
  • Historical Tax Credit

Bill no. 2 – Road Funding

  • Gasoline Tax
  • DMV Fees

Bill no. 3 – Road Funding

  • Parkways Authority

Bill no. 4 – Teacher Pay Raise

  • 2% raise for classroom teachers

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