Jim’s Drive-In continues ‘take a coat, leave a coat’

Jim’s Drive-In on Route 60 in Lewisburg is continuing their “take a coat, leave a coat” campaign throughout the cold winter months. Anyone who needs a coat is welcome to come grab one from the rack outside the restaurant at no cost, and anyone who has an extra coat (or two) lying around is welcome to come leave it on the rack for someone in need. Jim’s Drive-In began the “take a coat, leave a coat” campaign in 2017, and was eager to continue the drive this year. Their Facebook page states, “Anyone in need of a coat- take a coat. If you have coats to donate just hang them on our rack. Free to anyone that can use a warm coat or jacket.” The rack is out 24/7, so you don’t need to wait until business hours to drop off or pick up a coat.

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