Is history repeating itself?

Dear Editor:

On July 11, Paul S. Detch, Chairman of the Greenbrier County Democratic Executive Committee, wrote “All polls report Joe Biden is on track to winning by a landslide.” One landslide of a past Democrat party was when “Old Scratch” Caldwell struck so many names from Greenbrier County voter rolls that only three men voted in Lewisburg Township in the fall of 1867. Even then Mr. Caldwell had to scratch out a name, replace that name with his name and then vote for himself. Is this the same assurance, Mr. Detch, that you are forecasting for November of this year?

Mr. Biden has endorsed, by his silence, Antifa’s freedom to burn, destroy, and loot private property without resistance from Democratic Mayors or their City Police. He has also said that we do not need to worry about China, who has stolen the United States’ intellectual property for the past 40 years and are challenging us around the world. The Mayor of New York City has eliminated whole divisions of city police force and instituted regulations that have induced the police to not enforce the law for fear of being found guilty of some law.

The school teachers union of Los Angeles says they will not return to class room until their demand for Medicare for all, and defunding of the police force are enacted. Does this directly affect education of our children?

Mr. Detch, you criticized Mr. Anderson for not mentioning issues that would help West Virginia, but you have done the same. The question is will you and Greenbrier County Democrats follow the national democratic lead and defund police forces; support Antifa’s burning, destroying, and looting, the legalizing of a wealth taxes, confiscation of our guns, and enforcement of Socialism?

Frank Tuckwiller


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