IOTA learns about ‘Then & Now’ and is brought to task

Dr. Vivian Crane, speaker and hostess
Dr. Vivian Crane, speaker and hostess

By Carolyn Bryant
IOTA Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma met in the S & J Restaurant on Sept. 16, for a delicious meal and its meeting. Katy Montgomery, president, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Hostesses were Dr. Vivian Crane, Sue Paitsel and Becky Gilkeson.
Updates were given by members on any member who is ill, plans were made to buy “activity books” for every 2nd grade student in Greenbrier County, and future fundraising activities were explored. Nomination forms were distributed so that members could nominate new teachers to join IOTA.
Toys for Tots were collected and the collection will continue during the month of October.
Plans were made to prepare a barbecue lunch for teachers in Lewisburg and Ronceverte elementary schools on Friday, Sept. 27.
A fun time was enjoyed when members paid from 10 to 75 cents for any “task” they had performed that was on a list of over 20 items. The guess cake was won by Glee Nutter and the door prize which was a small wagon full of chocolates was won by Judy Sheridan.
Our guest speaker was Dr. Vivian Crane who is also a long-standing member of IOTA and she also spent 32 years in education. She talked about Delta Kappa Gamma then and now. She said it was a more formal society 50 years ago and the women educators who were members wore hats, gloves and pumps to the meetings. It was a real honor to be chosen for the society and meetings were very formal. However, as we know, today everything is more informal and that includes DKG meetings and the teachers’ way of dressing. She suggested ways of strengthening IOTA Chapter. Her trip down memory lane was enjoyed by all – especially the older members.
IOTA’s next meeting will be in Giovanni’s in Fairlea on Oct. 22 and there will be a guest speaker.

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