Imagine greatness for your child

What if your child’s school experience was amazing? What if your child loved learning? What if your family became stronger through school?

It can be. Welcome to Classical Conversations – a home-centered, Christian education program that equips you to teach your child through resources and community support.

Me? Homeschool? You taught your child to walk, to talk, and yes, you can homeschool them too. At Classical Conversations, we believe parents can be the very best teachers to tailor their children’s education.

What is Classical Conversations? With Christ at the center of our efforts, we are a group of like-minded parents in your community that meet weekly. We share a focused curriculum as our core and lead our families through the materials at our own pace.

How can I find out more? Go to We’re having an Information Meeting on Thursday, May 21 from 2-4 p.m. at the Greenbrier Public Library.